The Situation: Leadership skills are crucial and the right executive coaching can unlock true leadership potential and increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ). HR managers of a West Coast company referred us to one of their company’s leaders; he was desperate to retain a very talented, young executive who was new to the organization. She was struggling in her communication skills, stakeholder relationships and interactions with others. We interviewed her bosses to get a better sense of how she was matching and mismatching others in the workplace. She had earned a reputation for being abrupt and lacked the communication and self-awareness skills to understand how her behavior was impacting her career and others in her group. We developed a game plan and identified the key gaps of what she was missing in her self-awareness and communication strategies.

The Results: We delivered custom coaching sessions to increase her self- awareness and gave her the strategies she needed to adapt her communications to more closely match and align with others. Within two weeks of her initial coaching session, her boss called and said, “I am not sure what you did – but thank you! She is now the leader we had hoped we had hired!” Later, she shared with us how her boss became her biggest fan, mentor and closest confidant. She was able to thrive and achieve solid results for the organization.