The Situation: The leadership team for an energy group wanted to improve their overall communication effectiveness and relationship skills with Wall Street analysts and others. They are very familiar with our team’s capabilities  in leadership coaching, leadership performance, communication skills, linguistics and other areas – so they asked us to identify how they could build stronger credibility and relationships with financial analysts. After understanding their goals, we analyzed past transcripts of their quarterly earnings calls. We identified core communication skills and language patterns of the analysts, along with a series of both verbal and nonverbal communication patterns that needed improvement.

The Results: We designed a custom coaching program to help the executive team members understand how they could adapt their communication styles to that of the financial analysts. They gained new skills to be more clear, effective and engaging. They were pleasantly surprised to learn about some core communication drivers that had been out of their awareness. Those drivers were greatly impacting trust levels and how well they connected or disconnected with the financial analysts. They were able to successfully incorporate their new strategies and achieve their goals of higher trust levels and better connections with key Wall Street analysts.