The Situation: A female executive sought us out after hearing about our expertise in leadership skills, effective communication and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). As a minority in a very male-populated company and industry, she needed better leadership strategies for women – for having a stronger voice, standing out and getting promoted. She is highly respected for her technical expertise and knowledge, holding a PHD in Science and Engineering, along with an MBA. But, she also wanted to increase her self -awareness, leadership, engagement, rapport and communication skills to break through and “earn a seat at the table.”

The Results: We gave her a pre-coaching assessment, so she could better understand her 48 performance and motivation drivers that determine how she prefers to achieve, make decisions, communicate, etc. She had thoroughly studied EQ, but she wanted help in making it a daily reality and part of her leadership style and habits. She says our coaching made all the difference in her career and helped her really understand how to actually implement EQ as a leader. She has moved up to a much higher position and now enjoys a greater level of overall career satisfaction and fulfillment.