The Situation: Executive coaching can unlock true leadership potential and performance – with the right leadership skills and communication skills. An HR leader recommended us to an executive who was being considered for a much higher position in their organization. He is highly respected for his knowledge and contribution to the company and has virtually no turnover within his group, but needed to do a better job at engaging and influencing people outside of his department in order to move up in the organization. We gathered information about him from multiple employees, peers and leaders. He took our performance / motivation assessment and we developed a custom game plan to target his goals.

The Results: During the first hour of our initial session, this leader confessed he had dreaded and resisted the coaching process for years! But, after hearing what we had planned for him, he said, “I am now sitting here wondering why on earth I didn’t do this years ago!” He is one of the best leaders we have worked with at comprehending the core strategies and skills he needs to make his life (and those around him) much better. He immediately started making the changes necessary to achieve his career and organizational goals. He is well on his way toward his next level of success!