Just because you present, does not mean you are heard! But, with the right storytelling and presentation skills, you can motivate people to think and act in news ways! Benchmark delivers high-quality storytelling strategies and presentation skills training, consulting and coaching programs to help transform your image and capabilities.

Our presentation experts have invested more than 30 years refining our strategies to help leaders become more engaging presenters and master storytellers. Our expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) adds additional value to our approach, as it is the study of human behavior and language – both verbal and nonverbal.

The Art of Storytelling: Storytelling Training & More

Storytelling skills are now considered to be essential in business and marketing. Effective business storytelling skills allow you to motivate others toward your ideas and brand - and to increase your influence. Our business storytelling writers and consultants will help you discover and tell your organization's most compelling stories. We also provide storytelling skills training to help your people build the soft skills they need to succeed.
Storytelling Skills & Stickiness – Storytelling in business is powerful. Content experts say storytelling is the most important business skill today. Your leaders and teams can help you achieve your business goals with stronger storytelling skills. Stories are proven to have more stickiness than any other communications tool, and our storytelling trainers and writers are passionate about the power of stories and sharing business storytelling secrets we have collected over the years.
Storytelling Skills Expertise – Our storytelling professionals can assist you with a range of services: storytelling consulting, storytelling skills training, storytelling coaching for leaders and more. With ten, top professional storytelling professionals and writers on staff, we can collaborate with you to identify and tell your business stories to strengthen your corporate brand and influence key stakeholders. Our pros can also create custom PowerPoint presentations and speeches with just the right stories to help your leaders hit more homeruns in their public speaking and stakeholder outreach endeavors. Our storytelling pros come from backgrounds that require strong business storytelling skills – writers, broadcast journalists, TV news producers, public relations pros, video production experts, actors, lawyers, salesmen, marketers and more. For years, we have studied and collected invaluable storytelling skills and strategies - and now get to share our business storytelling expertise with Fortune 500 groups and others.
Storytelling & Emotions – Storytelling allows you to increase stakeholder engagement at an emotional level, and studies show that emotions influence people more than data. Long after an audience forgets facts, they will remember a good story that supports your facts! Benchmark’s storytelling trainers and consultants will help you uncover the storytelling secrets that great actors and orators have used throughout time to engage audiences. Our storytelling coaches will show you how to choose the right story and effectively tie it in to your key points for maximum impact. Our storytelling experts are also Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is the study of behavior and effective language; this expertise allows our storytelling consultants to better understand how to connect with your audience at an emotional level. Our storytelling pros are passionate about business storytelling skills and we will help you get refreshing results for your organization and people.


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