Stakeholder trust is key to your business success, yet trust levels remain low in key industries. You can improve stakeholder engagement and trust with the right stakeholder strategies. Benchmark delivers quality stakeholder training, consulting and coaching to help you improve your stakeholder relationships.

Our stakeholder engagement experts are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - the study of effective human behavior and language.

Stakeholder Communication Training I

Greatly improve your stakeholder relations and build trust – with new skills to effectively align with emotions, criteria, beliefs and other core drivers that impact stakeholder perceptions.
How You Succeed – Stakeholders (internal and external) can be your greatest resource -- OR the greatest impediment to achieving your organization’s goals. This training will open new doors of opportunity for your organization by providing you and your representatives with the skills necessary to build trust and greatly improve stakeholder relations. To gain trust, you must understand how people are convinced–and studies show emotions trump data when people make decisions. Therefore, it is crucial that you engage stakeholders at an emotional level to achieve real influence. We also know that people naturally resist messages that confront their core filters such as identity, beliefs, emotions and perspectives; this is why many organizations fail to effectively earn trust and influence stakeholders.
What You Will Learn – Our consultants are Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of effective behavior and language patterns. We have studied emotions and other behavioral filters for many years and will share transforming strategies to help you listen and communicate at a deeper level to better align with stakeholder emotions, values, perspectives, criteria and beliefs. We can improve your capabilities in a range of key areas, including: emotional alignment skills, creating agreement frames, solution frame language patterns, impact of limiting beliefs, perspective language, aligning versus boxing strategies, deep listening skills, rapport skills, state management skills, conflict management, information gathering skills, nonverbal communication, negotiation skills, motivation strategies and much more.
Extras & EQ Boost – You will also learn new question and answer (Q&A) skills to be better on your feet, so you can comfortably engage with stakeholders and handle a wide array of questions. During this highly interactive training you will learn how to build stronger rapport and relationships during one-on-one encounters and in groups. These skills will also increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the ability to recognize and control emotions that guide your thinking and actions. Studies show people with higher EQ are simply more likable and get better results with stakeholders. Our approach is realistic, practical, and straightforward, with ready-to-use skills and strategies to improve your stakeholder relations.


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