Effective crisis management is about leading! It requires solid crisis response strategies and know-how to lead and favorably influence stakeholder and media perceptions. Benchmark delivers crisis consulting, coaching and training programs to help you succeed.

Our crisis response and communication experts are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of human behavior and language.

Social Media Crisis Strategies

Develop a social media game plan to effectively communicate with the media and key stakeholders during a crisis, so you can immediately influence media and public perceptions.
How You Succeed – Social media is now considered to be a foundational crisis communications response tool. It is no longer a matter of “if” you will use social media during a crisis – it is a matter of how well you will use it. We live in a world where crisis news breaks in seconds on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels, making social media the preferred platform for initial crisis communications with the media, public and key stakeholders. It should be an integral part of your crisis communications plan, because it provides more ways for your organization to connect with stakeholders during a crisis.
How We Can Help – We will show you how other organizations have successfully used social media as a key part of their crisis response efforts and help you take the steps to put an effective social media game plan in place. Clients have succeeded with Benchmark’s crisis management and NLP strategies for more than 25 years.Our crisis management leaders are Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language patterns; they have also successfully completed certified FEMA training for Public Information Officers. We will give you the edge you need to succeed using social media during a crisis to influence stakeholder perceptions.


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