Your ability to clearly communicate your business goals and ideas greatly determines your success! Benchmark delivers highly effective consulting, coaching and training programs to help you communicate and lead with greater clarity and purpose.

Our communication experts are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language – both verbal and nonverbal.

Millennial Communications

Millennials are struggling in the workplace due to a deficit in communication and other soft skills; give them the training they need to help your organization succeed.
The Challenge – Millennials (adults ages 18 to 35) are now the largest group of employees on the planet – and they are the most challenged when it comes to interpersonal and communication skills. A Hay Group survey shows that 80 percent of HR directors are struggling to find millennials equipped with the social and emotional skills necessary to be successful in their careers. Communication is the most highly prized soft skills in the workplace and millennials have some catching up to do. Benchmark’s training offers the solutions you need; our teams will help your millennial employees get up to speed and prepare them to be the next generation of leaders for your organization.
Getting Up To Speed – Benchmark's training will take the mystery out of communication for millennials by showing them how to work with key filters that impact their communication effectiveness: emotions, identify, beliefs, strategies, perspectives, culture and other filters greatly influence how well they communicate on a daily basis. Our sessions are highly interactive and packed with exercises to help millennials retain their news skills and strategies. They will discover how to identify and match core filters that impact their ability to connect and clearly communicate with others. They will learn key strategies to improve their relationship-building skills, deep listening skills, nonverbal cues, feedback strategies, motivation strategies, emotional alignment skills, state management skills, conflict management, perspective strategies, information gathering skills, messaging and more. They will also learn how to increase their Credibility and Likability Factors™ that affect how others respond to their direction and ideas.


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Solid communication and empathy skills are essential to your career thriving on all types of terrain - smooth, rocky, muddy or rough. Careers, morale, employee retention and profits are all impacted by ineffective communication. Hiring managers report that people entering the job market for the...

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