Telling your story to the news media is about leading! With the right strategies, you can lead the media and stakeholders to connect with your brand in a way that is not possible through marketing and advertising campaigns. Benchmark delivers quality media consulting, coaching and training programs to help you succeed!

Our media and communication experts are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is the study of effective language and behavior patterns.

Media Crisis Training

You should be fully prepared to succeed when your organization’s reputation and future are on the line.
How You Succeed – Having the right spokesperson in place can mean the difference between recovering from a crisis and making things worse. Effective spokespersons know how to connect with people and humanize their organizations. During a crisis, reporters do not cover just the facts of a story – they cover the emotions! There is a very good reason for this strategy, because studies show people are more influenced by emotions than data. Therefore, to be a successful spokesperson, you must know how to align with emotions and humanize your organization while delivering credible facts. During this training, you will learn a wide range of crisis spokesperson strategies, along with the latest crisis trends and crisis leadership principles.
Credibility & Likability – The right media training / coaching will help you increase your Credibility and Likability Factors, which makes for a winning media combination. The Credibility Factor has to do with presenting clear information that is credible; the Likability Factor has to do with how you deliver that information to truly connect with people. Clients have benefited from Benchmark’s crisis and NLP strategies more than 25 years – from environmental mishaps, to mass killings, to explosions, to class action lawsuits, to E. coli issues, to industrial accidents, to activist protests, to oil spills, to food contamination, to chemical releases. You will walk away with the edge you need to succeed with the media and others during a crisis.


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Proof Why Leaders Need Ongoing Media Coaching: Ken Starr’s Train Wreck of a Media Interview

No one would purposely drop their CEO or other top leader in the middle of the ocean without a life jacket. Right? Yet, you continually see unprepared leaders go on camera for important news media interviews. This just happened to former Baylor University Chancellor, Ken Starr, during an interview...

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