Just because you present, does not mean you are heard! But, with the right storytelling and presentation skills, you can motivate people to think and act in news ways! Benchmark delivers high-quality storytelling strategies and presentation skills training, consulting and coaching programs to help transform your image and capabilities.

Our presentation experts have invested more than 30 years refining our strategies to help leaders become more engaging presenters and master storytellers. Our expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) adds additional value to our approach, as it is the study of human behavior and language – both verbal and nonverbal.

Legislative Testimony & Town Hall Meetings

Legislative testimony training will equip your people with solid communication skills and testimony strategies, so they can influence lawmakers and other decision makers who impact your organization’s future.
How You Succeed – Every day, lawmakers, regulators, judges and others make decisions that greatly impact the future of organizations. Therefore, you need the best communication skills and testimony strategies available to effectively tell your story and think on your feet when testifying. Our communication consultants are Certified Coaches in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is the study of effective communication and behavior patterns. We will share powerful strategies to help you listen and align with core filters most important to lawmakers and your key stakeholders.
What You Will Learn – You will learn how to be much more credible and relatable to ensure that your messages are clear and believable – and that you come across as approachable and human. Studies show that more people are influenced by emotions than they are by data, so while facts are important, it is just as important you know how to align with the underlying emotions that influence lawmaker and public perceptions. Our team has studied emotions and effective behavior for many years, and we can help you!
Extras – – You will also learn a variety of powerful presentation delivery skills that will transform how you use nonverbal cues. A key study reveals that nonverbal communication skills greatly determine how people respond to you, so these skills are paramount to your testimony skills and success! You will learn proven testimony strategies to align with emotions, frame messages, and humanize your organization. These testimony skills will allow you to influence the thinking of lawmakers and key stakeholders. This coaching will help you open more doors of opportunity for your organization!


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