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You are always leading – first yourself, and then others! Benchmark delivers highly effective leadership skills coaching, consulting and training programs. We provide top-rated leadership development strategies to help your high potentials and leaders change behaviors and acquire new skills to be their very best!

Our leadership coaches are also Certified Master Practitioners in NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, the study of effective language and behavior patterns.

Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Move toward even greater leadership success by getting the support and strategies you need to achieve positive, lasting change in behavior.
How You Succeed – Our team is dedicated to helping successful leaders be even better – by achieving positive, new behaviors and targeted goals. With the right leadership coaching, you can successfully motivate yourself and others toward organizational goals. A Stanford University study shows that most leaders seek professional coaching to improve their capabilities in communication, listening, delegation, planning, mentoring, team building, decision-making, compassion, empathy, persuasion, conflict management, interpersonal and motivational skills.
What You Will Learn – Our coaches address Deep Structure strategies and behaviors that are out of your awareness – as well as Surface Structure strategies and behaviors that are more obvious, such as relationship skills, conflict management, presenting skills, etc. Our coaches begin by working with you – or your HR / Talent Development professionals to identify performance opportunities. We review past assessment results, in addition to our iWAM (Work, Attitude and Motivation) assessment to understand how you are naturally motivated. We also interview you and multiple parties to identify strengths and areas for growth. Once goals are clarified, we develop a custom, coaching game plan. Our goal is to give you the edge that you need to be your very best!


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LEADERSHIP 2018: What Effective Leaders Do Differently

Some leaders talk about it. Some leaders read books about it. Dave Barney, President and CEO of Knife River Corporation, actually does it. “It” is engaging employees! Barney counts time as a valuable commodity, and that is why he chooses to spend 70% of his time in the field talking with and...

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