Effective reputation management strategies must be in place to weather bad news. The right crisis management programs, stakeholder engagement and media crisis training can make the difference. Benchmark delivers first-rate crisis communication training, consulting and coaching programs to help you succeed.

Our crisis communication experts are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of human behavior and effective language strategies.

Frontline Crisis Communications (GateKeeper Training)

Increase your organization’s chances of a successful crisis response by giving your frontline personnel the skills they need to professionally represent your company with reporters, public officials and key stakeholders.
How You Succeed – A whopping eighty-five percent of financial analysts say a corporate crisis has the greatest negative impact on an organization’s value, so it is crucial that your employees know how to support your crisis management goals. The news media and other stakeholders will seek information about your crisis from everyone and anyone. Unfortunately, they often take the easy route, calling or approaching your frontline employees or contractors. Citizen journalists can record your people and upend the best crisis plans! Untrained frontline employees often make the news or social media sites for the wrong reasons and defeat your crisis response goals. But, with the right training, your frontline people can effectively support your goals and communicate in a way that maintains stakeholder trust – without going viral or crossing over into spokesperson territory. This training is for any frontline employee who could interact with reporters or the public in person or on the phone.
What They Will Learn – Your frontline personnel will gain a greater awareness of what is at stake for your company and understand what must happen to have a successful crisis response. They will learn a range of important crisis communication skills: How to use good judgment, how not to cross over into spokesperson territory, how not to go “viral”, how to stay within certain boundaries, how to use language patterns that convey transparency and trustworthiness, how to use nonverbal cues (even on the phone) to connect with upset people, how to avoid news media traps, do’s and don’ts with reporters, skills to deal with emotional stakeholders and much more. Your people will also learn the new rules that come with social media when anyone can record them and post their comments to Twitter, Facebook and other sites.
The Right Experience – Our trainers are crisis experts and Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is the study of human behavior and language patterns. We have a long and successful track record training frontline personnel in many industries. Thousands have rated this program as a favorite – because they can also use the skills to improve daily communications with internal and external stakeholders. From industrial accidents, to food contamination, to environmental disasters, to mass killings, to class action lawsuits, to E. coli outbreaks, to activist protests, to oil spills, to chemical releases – clients across the USA and other countries have benefited from Benchmark’s NLP and crisis management strategies. We will give you the edge you need to succeed during a crisis.


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