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You are always leading – first yourself, and then others! Benchmark delivers quality consulting, coaching and training programs to show you how to tap your full leadership potential!

Our leadership and communication experts are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of effective behavior and language patterns.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Leaders

Studies show that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) accounts for 75 percent of your personal success, so increasing your EQ is a worthy leadership pursuit!
How You Succeed – Researchers say that IQ (Intelligent Quotient) accounts for as little as 10 percent of your success – but EQ accounts for a whopping 75 percent of your personal success! A higher EQ allows you to reap the benefits of improved performance, better leadership qualities and stronger relationships. EQ has to do with your ability to perceive, control, evaluate and express your emotions, and research shows it is directly linked to better performance, better leaders, increased self-confidence, a higher likability factor and the success of bottom line profits.
What You Will Learn - Our leadership experts have studied and taught skills that result in higher EQ for many years, and we can help you greatly improve your capabilities in the key EQ categories, including self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. A successful executive told us that she had read the top-selling books on EQ – but said it was not until she worked with Benchmark that she finally realized how to actually increase her EQ and overall leadership performance!
Key Drivers – Self-awareness is a cornerstone of EQ, and during this interactive training or coaching you will discover Meta Programs – behavioral filters or mental processes that manage, guide and direct your thinking. By understanding these Programs, you can more easily improve your self-awareness and EQ capabilities. Our approach is realistic, practical, and straightforward, with ready-to-use EQ skills and strategies.


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