Effective reputation management strategies must be in place to weather bad news. The right crisis management programs, stakeholder engagement and media crisis training can make the difference. Benchmark delivers first-rate crisis communication training, consulting and coaching programs to help you succeed.

Our crisis communication experts are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of human behavior and effective language strategies.

Crisis Plans & Preparation

Begin building a better crisis communications plan today, so you are fully prepared to preserve your organization’s future and get out in front of negative issues or events.
How You Succeed or Fail – A majority of financial analysts say a corporate crisis has the greatest negative impact on an organization’s value, so a timely response is paramount. Yet, studies show only sixty percent of companies have adequate crisis plans in place! Those that do have plans often fail to effectively test their plans and response capabilities with crisis drills and exercises. Not every organization survives a crisis – and those that do end up spending lots of money, time and resources resolving their issues and rebuilding trust with stakeholders, government representatives and others. An effective crisis communication plan can save you money, time and relationships!
How We Can Help – We will analyze your crisis plan and assess its effectiveness. Or, if you have no plan, we will conduct vulnerability audits across your organization and help you create a custom crisis plan so your organization is prepared and protected. This process involves a series of key steps: getting top management on board, identifying high-risk scenarios most likely to impact your organization, assembling a professional crisis team, training your crisis team, developing crisis guidelines for employees, identifying media spokespersons, identifying key stakeholders, testing your response capabilities through drills and more.
The Right Experience – Our consultants and leaders are experts in crisis response, communications, law, media and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS). We are also Certified Master Practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of behavior and language patterns. Our team has also successfully completed certified FEMA training for Public Information Officers and clients have benefited from Benchmark’s crisis management strategies for more than 25 years. From activist protests, to environmental disasters, to mass killings, to class action lawsuits, to E. coli outbreaks, to industrial accidents, to food contamination and more, Benchmark’s crisis planning and response strategies have made a difference.


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