The Situation: A worldwide consulting group approached us about helping their leaders with keynote presentations and other high-profile interactions. One such venue involved a presentation for a large industry conference in China with more than 100 global CEOs. They asked us to produce a visually compelling PowerPoint presentation that succinctly and effectively told the story of a recent study about their industry in Asia. We pored over their research to identify the most intriguing and important content, chose visually captivating photos and graphics, created a visually compelling PowerPoint presentation, created an interactive strategy for break-out sessions and coached their leaders on delivery.

The Results: Within hours of their presentation, we received emails from their leaders in China saying, “The presentation you created FAR exceeded our expectations! It was targeted, visually compelling and memorable. The methodology and scripts for the breakout sessions were highly effective at getting the participants involved and committed to a list of key action items going forward. You made a huge difference for our organization! Much thanks!”