The Situation: The HR director for a large company approached us about helping a leader who was being considered for President of his organization. He had a background in finance and accounting, and was not exactly comfortable presenting and engaging people. There was a lot on the line, too – if he could not bring his presentation skills up to meet the expectations of the Chairman, it was very possible he would not get the final nod to become President!

The Results: An initial two-day session was scheduled and the first three hours were very painful for him. But, at the three-hour mark, magic happened! A big smile spread across his face and he said, “I can do this! I can actually enjoy doing this!” His transformation was tremendous. He embraced the core skills we taught him and put them to immediate use. He went on to become the President of his company! His transformation was such that the CEO of their parent company called us a few months later and said, “If you guys can do that for him, I am wondering what you can do for me!” More than ten years later, we continue providing leadership, presentation and communication coaching for this organization.