The Situation: The HR lead for very successful energy group asked us to provide multiple presentation training sessions for their leaders and high potentials. The goal: take their presentation, engagement and influence strategies to a much higher level, so their company could better achieve its business goals with internal and external stakeholders. One of the organization’s accounting leaders was in the first session and he did not see himself as a powerful presenter; he admitted later that he had half way dreaded the session. But, that quickly changed!

The Results: This accounting leader says we helped him transform limiting beliefs he had held most of his career about his presenting capabilities – and unleashed his true talents! He immediately began implementing the key strategies he learned in our session and was thrilled at how enjoyable presenting became for him and his audiences. He stays in touch with us and he volunteers to represent his organization at conferences around the country. At one such conference he was voted as one of the top four presenters out of 65 speakers. Fun! Rewarding! Powerful!