Success Stories

Presentation success stories


The Situation: A worldwide consulting group approached us about helping their leaders with keynote presentations and other high-profile interactions. One such venue involved a presentation for a large industry conference in China with more than 100 global CEOs. They asked us to produce a visually compelling PowerPoint presentation that succinctly and effectively told the story of a recent study about their industry in Asia. We pored over their research to identify the most intriguing and important content, chose visually captivating photos and graphics, created a visually compelling PowerPoint presentation, created an interactive strategy for break-out sessions and coached their leaders on delivery.
The Results: Within hours of their presentation, we received emails from their leaders in China saying, “The presentation you created FAR exceeded our expectations! It was targeted, visually compelling and memorable. The methodology and scripts for the breakout sessions were highly effective at getting the participants involved and committed to a list of key action items going forward. You made a huge difference for our organization! Much thanks!”


The Situation: The HR director for a large company approached us about helping a leader who was being considered for President of his organization. He had a background in finance and accounting, and was not exactly comfortable presenting and engaging people. There was a lot on the line, too – if he could not bring his presentation skills up to meet the expectations of the Chairman, it was very possible he would not get the final nod to become President!
The Results: An initial two-day session was scheduled and the first three hours were very painful for him. But, at the three-hour mark, magic happened! A big smile spread across his face and he said, “I can do this! I can actually enjoy doing this!” His transformation was tremendous. He embraced the core skills we taught him and put them to immediate use. He went on to become the President of his company! His transformation was such that the CEO of their parent company called us a few months later and said, “If you guys can do that for him, I am wondering what you can do for me!” More than ten years later, we continue providing leadership, presentation and communication coaching for this organization.


The Situation: The HR lead for very successful energy group asked us to provide multiple presentation training sessions for their leaders and high potentials. The goal: take their presentation, engagement and influence strategies to a much higher level, so their company could better achieve its business goals with internal and external stakeholders. One of the organization’s accounting leaders was in the first session and he did not see himself as a powerful presenter; he admitted later that he had half way dreaded the session. But, that quickly changed!
The Results: This accounting leader says we helped him transform limiting beliefs he had held most of his career about his presenting capabilities – and unleashed his true talents! He immediately began implementing the key strategies he learned in our session and was thrilled at how enjoyable presenting became for him and his audiences. He stays in touch with us and he volunteers to represent his organization at conferences around the country. At one such conference he was voted as one of the top four presenters out of 65 speakers. Fun! Rewarding! Powerful!