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Packing Your Career Bags with The Hottest Soft Skills

June 15, 2018

Imagine if you spent a nice sum of money to go on a very important trip and you were told you to pack for snow and very cold temperatures. But, when you arrived at the airport, you found out you should have also packed for warm, sunny beaches? This scenario is similar to what 2018 graduates are finding out as they embark on the destination that leads to their career. Many of them could be a bit shell shocked to learn that their colleges sent them off without skills that are highly valued by Read More

Crisis Leadership & Spokesperson Skills: SHAPING PERCEPTIONS

April 30, 2018

Crisis Leadership & Spokesperson Skills -  Mismanaged crises eat up valuable time, resources and money. Failed leadership leads to failed crisis management. Mismanaging crises can destroy lives, careers, employee morale and stakeholder trust - impacting organizations for years and even decades.  This is the final part of a special 3-part series on effective crisis leadership and spokesperson skills. The intent is to help today’s leaders gain deeper insights into successful crisis Read More

THE WINNING TICKET – Why You Should Load Your Bases With Soft Skills

March 29, 2018

Baseball season is officially underway and the sound of popping bats is beginning to echo across the country – from little leagues to major leagues. Many experts say of all sports, baseball is as much about mental prowess as it is physical prowess. Thus, one of Yogi Berra’s most famous quotes – “Baseball is 90 percent mental; the other half is physical.” The same can be said of soft skills in the workplace. To excel in the use of soft skills takes mental awareness, acuity and Read More