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BE YOUR OWN VALENTINE: How to “Hack Your Goals” To Build Your Dream Future

February 13, 2018

Do you ever get so busy with “life” that you neglect investing in yourself and the dream future you really want to create? If your answer is “yes”, then you are in some very good company. Most people are too busy being busy - at work and home, so they neglect the very goals that could lead them to their dreams. And, one way or another, it ends up costing you, your family and your organization. This Valentines Day, be your own valentine by showing yourself some real love – start Read More

WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE: Winning Crisis Leadership Strategies

February 7, 2018

About every eight years, C-SPAN asks 90-plus presidential historians to rate US presidents for their overall leadership effectiveness. It is not surprising that communication and crisis skills are at the heart of these rankings: Public persuasion, crisis leadership, vision / agenda setting and relationship skills and are nestled in the ten characteristics that determine these rankings. Historians again crowned Abraham Lincoln as the most effective president in history in the latest rankings, Read More


February 1, 2018

He is a Kennedy. His is being touted as an up and coming political star. And, he is the talk of the internet. People are lighting up Twitter and other social media about Democratic Representative Joe Kennedy III’s rebuttal speech to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech. But, unfortunately for Kennedy, the buzz is not about his presentation skills or political prowess. Instead, it is all about the appearance of drool oozing from both sides of his mouth. On Twitter, you are Read More