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EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS – 20 Ways To Spot Good Communicators

August 14, 2018

The Communication Skills Drought - My sisters are scrambling this year as they deal with a challenging drought at the family ranch. Checking weather apps on their cell phones has become as much a part of their daily routines as checking on the cattle and horses. Many organizations are also dealing with a severe drought–a drought of job candidates with effective communication skills. Recruiters and HR leaders have noticed a steady decline in these skills for years and the forecast does not Read More

EMOTIONS & CRISIS RESPONSE: How Emotions Can Sink Brands

July 24, 2018

Crisis Response: The Role of Emotions Branson emergency response officials have been in crisis response mode for days since a Duck Boat full of tourists sank during a storm. The tragedy claimed 17 lives and the Coast Guard has finally recovered the water-logged boat from its resting place at the bottom of Table Rock Lake outside of Branson, Missouri. Unused orange life jackets are still hanging from the boat’s canopy, funerals are now being planned and lives are forever changed. The group Read More

10 TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS: Ending PowerPoint Misery & Misuse

July 18, 2018

Bad PowerPoint Presentations - The Root of the Pain So far during your education and career how many hours have you sat through boring presentations with text-laden PowerPoint slides or busy graphics? You sneak peeks at your cell phone to stay occupied while the presenter drones on and on – at times reading ALL the text on his slide. Or, you doodle mindlessly on your notepad just to survive. One study shows that 41% of people would rather endure the pain of a trip to the dentist than sit Read More