The Situation: When CNN, PBS, Fox News Network or another high profile news media outlet calls, your leaders need the right media coaching and media skills to be prepared. An executive with a Fortune 500 group accepted an invitation to appear on a well-known news talk show, and his PR group asked us to provide executive media coaching to help him be more comfortable and engaging. He was going to share airtime with the CEO of a competitor; we knew the competitor’s leader was naturally more engaging and extroverted than our client.

The Results: We mapped out a game plan to help our client be much more comfortable and prepared. We developed media talking points that fit his personality, were media friendly and met his organization’s goals. He learned how to relax, stay on message, deliver effective sound bites, use visual language and much more. In the end, the talk show host found our client to be very engaging. He earned much more of the allotted airtime than his company’s competitor – simply because he was much more approachable, prepared, media savvy and interesting!