The Situation: Media training and media skills are a must for today’s leaders and organizations. A senior public affairs leader for an East Coast group was invited to attend a media training skills session sponsored by a leading industry association. The focus of the session was advanced media skills and crisis communications skills. She showed up late because she really dreaded attending. She had attended similar media training sessions over the course of her successful PR career and expected it to be just “another” media / crisis training – like so many before!

The Results: However, she quickly realized that Benchmark’s approach and crisis strategies were VERY different! After the first break she got up and told the group how amazed she was at what she was learning in just the first hour – things she had never heard of before! She said that she had never heard other firms explain how to work with emotions, perspectives and psychological barriers to better connect with the media and stakeholders during a crisis. She continues to sing our praises to others seeking highly effective crisis management strategies and media skills.