The Situation :  An organization approached us about helping a promising high potential manager improve his future prospects with better communication skills and leadership skills. Although highly competent, he needed to increase his Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to improve how he engaged and related to others outside of his group. He was being labeled as “aloof” and “not a team player.” So, we gathered thorough information to fully understand how he was matching or mismatching others in the workplace. We also had him take an assessment, so we could better understand his performance and motivation drivers. The iWAM Assessment gave us useful insights about how he prefers to achieve, communicate and much more.

The Results:  We helped this high potential manager identify how he was matching and mismatching others during group and one-on-one interactions. He learned communication strategies to set achievable outcomes, build rapport and trust – and greatly improved how he connects with and engages people on a daily basis. We also provided numerous strategies to help him improve his self-awareness on how others perceive his verbal and nonverbal cues. This young leader has gone on to achieve greater things for his organization. He now tells his staff that working with Benchmark was absolutely the turning point in his career!