The Situation: An organization approached us about developing a custom Employee Brand Ambassador Program. With operations in eight USA states and multiple countries, they wanted their frontline employees to have effective communication skills and training to help the company tell its story. Their ultimate goal: greatly improve its stakeholder engagement and customer relationships. Frontline employees are the face of your organization – they have direct customer and stakeholder contact. They are the primary connection that impacts the trust, image and reputation of your organization! Studies show the public believes employees are more trustworthy than your organization’s CEO, Founder or PR department!

The Results: We helped implement a comprehensive Employee Brand Ambassador program with customized Employee Ambassador Training that was delivered to thousands of employees, and included refresher sessions. The company began receiving immediate feedback that the program and training changed employee beliefs and behaviors – as well as customer / stakeholder perceptions about their operations. The company also saw litigation costs drop across its operating areas because of its improved relationships with the public, public officials and other key stakeholders. The training has become one of the most popular programs throughout the organization and the client says the program has been instrumental in changing their culture to one of being more customer-centric and transparent.