The Situation: An organization was desperate to improve its stakeholder engagement and communications with a key customer group, so they asked us to consult with them to analyze how they could increase customer trust and rapport. Hundreds of their employees across many departments communicated with these customers and each group had their own special needs and areas of customer expertise. Their customer relationships were suffering, employee stress levels were high and the morale was low within their own ranks. In short, they knew they were failing in how they were connecting with the very customers that drove their financial success!

The Results: Our team interviewed key people in multiple departments to clearly understand the types of issues they faced and the types of solutions their customers needed. We worked with multiple content specialists in five departments and created a custom training curriculum to address their exact needs. We also developed custom Q&A booklets for each department to help employees improve their approach and accuracy with customer questions. The training was highly rated and within days of the initial training sessions, one of their leaders called to share some customer success stories; she said that she finally understood how to better manage of the “process” of customer complaints, communications and relationships! Employee morale started to rise and the customer experience greatly improved!