Jerilyn is one of the best horse whisperers in the nation. What that means is she has advanced intuition and communication skills that allow her to join a horse’s world at a very deep level to get them to do things that appear magical to most people. These same principles apply to teams and leaders, and that is why Benchmark asked Jerilyn to join our team. Through our Horse Sense for Leaders program, Jerilyn teams up with Benchmark’s leadership coaches to help clients learn how to earn trust and deep rapport with others, as well as how to think from multiple perspectives, understand motivations and the impact of conflicting messages – and more!

Jerilyn has earned the prestigious status of a Certified 3-Star Parelli Coach and has also developed horse systems for the Black Beauty Ranch and the Doris Day Foundation. She has rescued horses from the mouth of kill pens and rehabilitated them with the skills necessary to lead happy and productive lives. She has also helped therapeutic riding centers develop programs to help the disabled regain their mental confidence and physical strength. In her free time Jerilyn enjoys time with her family, chickens, goats, dogs and riding her horses in the majestic mountains of Colorado.